The School Of Shotokan Karate-Do (New Delhi, India)
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Japanese Translations



Term Meaning
Dachi Stance
Dai (As in Bassai Dai) Major
Dan Rank of black belt. There are 10 degrees of Black Belts
De Ashi Barai Forward Foot Sweep
Deshi Student
Do The Way; Way Of Life
Doji Simultaneous
Dojo (1) Place Of The Way;
(2) Training Hall, the place where one practices the martial arts


01/01/2012 - SSK's Personal Training is now available at Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. For details please Contact our Instructor Mob. 07639955681.
14/07/2005 - 22/07/2011 - SSK Website is updated and has as new domainname schoolofshotokan the old domain is no longer operational.
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