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Japanese Translations



Term Meaning
Gaeshi  Reversal / Throw
Gankaku This is a Shotokan Kata - Meaning "Crane on a Rock"
Ganmen Face
Ganmen Shuto Face knife-hand
Gamae Withdrawing
Gatame Arm bar
Gedan (1) Downward
(2) Lower Level
(3) Waist or Below Waist
Gedan Barai Low block
Gedan Juji Uke Lower X-block
Gedan Shoto Uke Lower knife-hand block
Gedan Zuki Lower Level Punch
Geri Kick
Gi (1) Dojo Uniform
(2) Training Clothes
Go (1) Strength;
(2) Five. See also numerals
Gohon Five-finger strike
Gohan Kumite Five Attack Sparring
Gojushiho-Sho This is a Shotokan Kata - Meaning "Fifty-four Steps"
Gojushiho-Dai This is a Shotokan Kata - Meaning "Fifty-four Steps"
Goshi Hip throw
Goshin Self Defense
Guruma Wheel-like throw
Gyaku Reverse, reversal
Gyaku Hammi Reverse stance, where partners are standing with the opposite foot forward
Gyaku Zuki Reverse punch
Gyaku Juji Jime Reverse cross choke


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