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Japanese Translations



Term Meaning
Nagare Unbroken Ki flow.
Nagashi uke Flowing block
Nage Throw
Nage waza Throwing techniques
Nage no kata Formalized throws
Naginata Halberd, used by Japanese women
Nakabubi ken Middle knuckle punch
Nami juji shime Normal cross choke
Neko (Necho) Cat
Neko (Necho) ashi dachi Cat stance
Ne-waza Ground fighting techniques, also known as katame waza
Ni Two. See also numerals
Nidan geri Double jump kick
Nihon nukite Two finger spear hand. See also Gohon nukite, Nukite
Ni-ju Twenty. See also numerals
Ni-ju-ichi Twenty one. See also numerals
NikKyu Second Class (Brown Belt)
Nikyo Immobilization No. 2.
Nimpo Patience Principle
No Ability; Talent; Skill
Noritsu Efficiency
Nukite Spear hand
Nunchaku Flail-like weapon of two rods joined by rope or chain
Nyujo Flow into tranquility; Meditative contemplation
Nyunan Shin Soft hearted


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