The School Of Shotokan Karate-Do (New Delhi, India)
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Japanese Translations



Term Meaning
Obi Belt
O goshi Major Hip Throw
O guruma Major Wheel Throw
Ohten Barrel roll
Ohten gata me Barrel roll arm bar
Oi Lunge
Oi Zuki Lunge Punch
Okinawa te Okinawan Hand
Okuri Sliding
Okuri ashi barai Foot Sweep
Okuri ashi harai Sliding foot Sweep
Okuri eri jime Sliding Collar Choke
Omote Front
Osae komi Hold-down
Osae komi waza Hold-down techniques
Osoto gari Major outer reaping throw
Osoto guruma Major outer wheel throw
Otoshi Drop
Ouchi gari Major inner reaping throw
Oyayubi Thumb
Oyo Application


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