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Japanese Translations



Term Meaning
Tachi Standing
Tachi waza Standing techniques
Taido Attitude
Taiho Arrest; Capture; Holding methods
Taikaku A Good Physique
Taiko Body cavity
Tai otoshi Body drop
Taisabaki Body movement
Taiso Body manipulation; Exercise
Tameshiwari (1) Test by breaking;
(2) Breaking demonstration
Tanden Point just below the navel
Tani otoshi Valley drop
Tanto Short sword
Tate Vertical
Tate Zuki Vertical punch (boxer's jab)
Te Hand. See also Karate
Tetsui Iron twin
Teisho Heel palm
Teisho Zuki Heel palm thrust
Teisho uchi Heel palm strike
Teisho uke Heel palm block
Teiji dachi "T"-stance
Tekubi Wrist
Tekubi tori Wrist pull
Tenchi Nage Heaven to Earth throw
Tenkan Pivoting; Pivot
Tenoji Dachi "T" or "L" stance
Tenshin Sho Divine Illumination; Inspiration for creating a Ryu
Tettsui Iron hammer
Te-waza Hand techniques
To Sword
Tobi Leaping; Jumping; Flying
Toide Taking hand, Okinawan Grappling Art
Toitsu Unified Principle
Tomoe A Three Section Circle; Circle
Tomoe nage Circle throw
Tonfa Wooden rod with handle at right angle, used in pairs
Tori Defender, demonstrator of technique
Torite Taking hand, Japanese pronunciation
Tsugi no kata Following form
Zuki Punch; knuckle strike with first two knuckles only
Zuki no sandan Three levels of thrusts
Tsukamu Grab
Tsukkomu Hand thrust
Zuki waza Punching techniques
Tsukuri Stepping into the throw
Tsume Claw
Tsuri Lifting
Tsuriai Balance
Tsuru Crane 
Tsuri goshi Lifting hip throw
Tsurikomi goshi Lifting-pulling hip throw
Tsuzumi Hand drum
Tuite (1) Grappling techniques
(2) Using pressure points for joint manipulation


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