The School Of Shotokan Karate-Do (New Delhi, India)
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Japanese Translations


Attacking Levels



Jodan Upper Level, Area Above Neck
Chudan Middle Level, Torso Area
Gedan Lower Level, Area Below torso

Position / Direction

Mae Front
Hidari Left
Migi Right
Yoko Side (Either Left or Right)
Ushiro Back


Age Rising
Shoto Outer/Outside
Uchi Inner/Inside. Also means Strike
Mawashi Round House
Ura Close Range
Tate Vertical
Tobi Jump
Keage Snap
Kekomi Thrust
Mawatte Turn
Ren Use of Alternate Hands or Legs for a technique (As In Ren Zuki or Ren Geri)
Tai Sabaki Body shifting
Yori Ashi Foot shifting


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