The School Of Shotokan Karate-Do (New Delhi, India)
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Japanese Translations


Hands and Arms as Weapons



Zuki Punch
Nukite Knife/Spear Hand Thrust Attack
Uchi Strike
Tettsui Iron Hammer
Seiken Fore Fist
Uraken Back Fist
Kaisho Open Hand
Shuto Knife Hand
Haito Ridge Hand
Haishu Back Hand
Nukite Spear Hand
Teisho Palm heel
Seiryuto Ox-Jaw Hand
Kumade Bear Hand
Kakuto Bent Wrist
Keito Chicken Head Wrist
Washide Eagle Hand
Wan Arm
Empi Elbow
Hiraken Fore-knuckle Fist (striking with second joint of fingers)
Ipon Ken One Knuckle Fist
Nakadaka Ipon Ken Middle Finger One Knuckle Fist
Ipon Nukite One Finger Spear Hand

Legs and Feet as Weapons

Mikazuki Geri Crescent Kick
Hiza Geri Knee Kick
Fumikomi Stamping Kick
Tobi Gei Jumping Kick
Koshi Ball of the Foot
Sokuto Foot Edge
Kakato Heel
Haisoku Instep
Tsumasaki Tips of Toes
Hizagashira Knee
Ren Geri A combination of Kicks with alternate Legs
Head As Weapon
Atama Head


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