The School Of Shotokan Karate-Do (New Delhi, India)
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Japanese Translations


Defenses with Hands



Uke Block
Age Uke Rising Block
Soto Ude Uke Outside Forearm Block
Uchi Ude Uke Inside Forearm Block
Gedan Barai Downward Block
Gedan Uke Lower Block
Shuto Uke Knife Hand block
Chudan Shotei Uke Mid Level Palm Heel Block
Chudan Shuto Uke Mid Level Knifehand Block
Chudan Soto Uke Mid Level Inner(J)/Outside(O) Block
Chudan Uke Mid Level Block
Chudan Yoko Shuto Uke Mid Level Sideward Knifehand Block
Deai Osae Uke  
Gedan Kake Uke Lower Level Hooking Block
Gedan Tensho Uke Lower Level Palm Heel Block
Gyaku Soto Uke Reverse Outside Block
Gedan Barai (Uke) Downward Block
Haishu Uke Open Back Hand Block
Haisoku Barai  
Haito Uke Ridge Hand Block
Haiwan Nagashi Uke Back of the Arm/Wrist Sweeping Block
Haiwan Uke Back of the Arm/Wrist Block
Harai Te Sweep with the Hand
Hazushi Uke Evading Block/Dodging Block
Hiji Suri Uke Elbow Sliding Block
Hiji Uke Elbow Block
Jodan Age Uke Upper Level Rising Block
Jodan Kosa Uke Upper Level Cross Block
Jodan Uchi Shuto Uke Upper Level Inside Knife-Hand Block
Juji Uke Cross or X-Block
Kagi Uke Hooking Block
Kake De Uke  
Kake Shuto Uke Hooking Knife-Hand Block
Kake Uke Hooking Block
Kakete Uke Hooking Hand Block
Kakewake Uke Reverse Wedge Block
Kakuto Uke Bent Wrist Block
Keito Uke Chicken Head Wrist Block
Kentsui Uke Hammer Fist/Bottom Fist Block
Mae Ude Deai Osae Uke Forearm Pressing Block
Mae Ude Hineri Uke Forearm Twisting Block
Mawashi Uke Roundhouse Block
Morote Jodan Uke Two Handed Upper Block
Morote Naka Uke Two Handed Inside Block
Morote Sukui Uke Two Handed Scooping Block
Morote Uke Two Handed Block
Morote Tsukami Uke Two Handed Grasping Block
Nagashi Uke Sweeping Block
Nami Gaeshi  
Osae Uke Pressing Block
Otoshi Uke Downward, Pushing Block
Sasae Uke  
Seiryuto Uke Ox Jaw Block
Shotei Otoshi Uke  
Shotei Shita Uke Palm Heel Lower Block
Shotei Sotogawa Uke Palm Heel Outside Block
Shotei Uke  
Shuto Uke (Matsumura) Knife Hand Block
Soto Gedan Barai Outside Downward Sweeping Block
Soto Ude Uke Outside Forearm Block
Soto Uke Outside Block
Sukui Uke Scooping Block
Tate Shuto Uke Vertical Knife Hand Block
Tate Uke Vertical Block
Tegatana Juji Uke Sword Hand Cross Block
Tegatana Uke Sword Hand Block
Teisho Awase Uke Combined Palm Heel Block
Teisho Uke Palm Heel Block
Teisho Oshi Uke Pressing Palm Heel Block
Tekubi Kake Uke Wrist Hook Block
Tettsui Uke Hammer Fist Block
Tsukami Uke Grasping block
Te Nagashi Uke Hand Sweeping Block
Te Osae Uke Hand Pressing Block
Uchi Barai Sweeping Block
Uchi Uke Inner Block
Ude Uke Forearm Block
Uke Kata Methods or Forms of Blocking
Ura Osae Uke Reverse Pressing Block
Ura Uke Reverse Block

Defenses with Legs

Ashibo Kake Uke Leg-Hooking Block
Ashikubi Kake Uke Ankle-Hooking Block
Gedan Soto Harai Lower Level Outside Sweep
Hiki Uke Knee Block
Hiza Uke (Soto) Outside Knee Block
Hiza Uke (Uchi) Inside Knee Block
Hangetsu Barai Uke Sweeping Half Moon Foot Block
Nami Ashi Inside Leg Block
Sokutei Mawashi Uke Sole (foot) Circular Block.
Sokutei Osae Uke Sole (foot) Pressing Block
Sokumen Awase Uke Side Combined Block
Sokutei Harai Uke  
Sokuto Osae Uke Pressing Block With Foot Edge


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