The School Of Shotokan Karate-Do (New Delhi, India)
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Karate Do Empty Handed Way
Shihan Master
Sensei Teacher
Sempai Senior Student
Kohai Junior Student
Dojo Training Hall
Obi Belt
Seiza Kneel
Mokuso Meditate
Rei Bow
Yoh-i "Get Ready" / Often a command to stand in Hachinoji-Dachi
Hajime Begin
Yame Stop
Naote / Yasume Relax
Dachi Stance
Zuki Punch
Uchi Strike
Uke Block
Geri Kick
Kihon Basic (s)
Ki-Ai "Spirit Focus" / A Focusing Cry generated from abdomen (not from the mouth) by the burst of Power while executing a Technique
Kime "Decision" / Focus


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