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Kata Form(s)
Heian Shodan "Stable and secure" / "stable peace," "first level"
Heian Nidan Ditto, "Second Level"
Heian Sandan Ditto, "Third Level"
Heian Yondan You get the idea
Heian Godan  
Tekki Shodan "Iron horseman," "first level"
Bassai Dai "Destroying a fortress," "greater" version (*)
Empi "Flight of the swallow"
Jion "Compassion and favor" (This is a Buddhist term and possibly the name of some temple.)
Kanku Dai "Observing the sky/emptiness," "greater" version (*)
Jutte / Jitte "Ten hands"
Hangetsu "Half moon"
Tekki Nidan  
Tekki Sandan  
Nijuushiho "Twenty-four steps"
Gankaku "Boulder crane" (the bird on a rock)
Sochin [Soh-Chin] "Strength and control"
Bassai Sho [Shoh] "Destroying a fortress," "lesser" version (*)
Kankuu Sho [Shoh] "Observing the sky/emptiness," "lesser" version (*)
Unsu [Unsuu] "Cloud hands"
Gojuushiho (Dai) "Fifty-four steps," "greater" version (*)
Gojuushiho Sho [Shoh] "Fifty-four steps," "lesser" version (*)
Meikyo [Meikyoh] "Bright mirror"
Ji'in "Compassion and shadow" (Possibly another temple.)
Chinte "Rare hands"
Wankan "King's crown"
(*) Kata with "lesser" or "greater" attached ("sho" or "dai") don't really mean "lesser" or "greater" in any quantitative sense. It's just a way of distinguishing two different kata.


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