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Kumite Sparring
Yakusoku Kumite Pre-arranged sparring. It is the traditional form of Kumite (sparring) used in most traditional karate styles. It occurs when one opponent attacks and the other defends using a pre-arranged sequence. There are many forms of Yakusoku Kumite. However, any pre-arranged sequence would fall into this category. The most common forms of Yakusoku Kumite used in Shotokan Karate-Do are Gohan Kumite, Sanbon Kumite, Ippon Kumite and Jiyuu Ippon Kumite.
Iri Kumi Free Style Sparring - Used in Okinawan Dialect
(kihon) Gohon Kumite (Basic) Five-Step Sparring
(Kihon) Sanbon Kumite (Basic) Three-Step Sparring
(Kihon) Ippon Kumite (Basic) One-Step Sparring
Jiyuu Ippon Kumite Semi-Free One-Step Sparring
(Jiyuu) Kumite Free Style Sparring
Randori Slow Co-Operative Free Style sparring
Shi Ai Kumite Tournament Sparring


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