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Dachi Stance
Bensoku Dachi Turning Cross Leg Stance
Hachiji Dachi Open Leg Stance (Natural Stance) - Feet shoulder width apart toes slightly pointed out.
Heisoku Dachi Informal Attention Stance / Closed Foot Stance - Feet together with inside of Heels and Big Toes touching.
Musubi Dachi Formal Attention Stance - Feet together with inside of Heels touching but with Toes apart, pointing outwards and forming a "V" shape.
Heiko Dachi Parallel Stance - Feet Shoulder Width apart with toes pointing slightly inwards such that the outer sides of the foot are on parallel lines.
Han Zenkutsu Dachi Half/Short Front Stance
Kiba Dachi Horse Riding Stance - Feet Parallel
Shiko Dachi Sumo Stance / Square Stance / Horse Straddle Leg Stance - Feet as in Kiba Dachi but with toes point out a 45 degrees
Kokutsu Dachi Back Stance
Neko Ashi Dachi Cat Stance
Jiyu Dachi Free Style Fighting Stance
Fudo Dachi Rooted Stance
Sochin Dachi Immovable Stance
Sanchin Dachi Pigeon Toed or Hourglass Stance
Hangetsu Dachi Half Moon Stance / Wide Hourglass Stance
Moto Dachi Original Stance
Renoji Dachi "L" Stance
Sesan Dachi Side facing straddle stance
Taji Dachi "T" Stance
Uchi Hachiji Dachi Inverted Open Leg Stance
Zenkutsu Dachi Front Stance


Hanmi Half Body Facing Posture. A ready position stance with the feet staggered and the body facing 45
Irimi Turned through 90
Kamae Posture, Ready Posture, Fighting Posture
Shizen Tai A cand natural posture
Seiza Sitting Posture


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