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Learn Taichi

What is Tai Chi ?
It is a Chinese art for maintaining good health. It is a unique system of internal training that emphasizes breathing and smooth relaxed movements. The healing effects of tai chi includes regulation of breathing, maintenance of the balance of blood pressure, strengthening function of kidney, curing insomnia, hypertension, helpful in reliving mental tension, strengthening the digestive system, good for those suffering from dizziness, palpitation and short breath, rheumatic arthritis, and spondilitis. 
So why should you learn Tai Chi ?
By practicing Tai Chi regularly for at least a year one can go from weakness to strength, from sickness to vibrant health. To practice Tai Chi is to take control of one's mental and physical energies.
Can you learn Tai Chi from S.S.K.?
Anyone (male or female) sincerely interested in learning authentic Tai Chi from S.S.K. must be 12 years or above, ready for hard work, with lot of patience, discipline and commitment.

The School of Shotokan Karate-Do invites you for a practical, complete and authoritative personal course in Tai Chi. It is an investment which yields and provides mental and physical benefits (not achievable by ordinary means) not only in the immediate future but for the rest of your life.
S.S.K. (India) imparts the knowledge of authentic Tai Chi by conducting dedicated Private coaching classes under Sensei Rajeev Sabharwal and other Senior Instructors.
Please Note : our coaching classes are presently available only in Delhi.
 We currently do not conduct Group Coaching Classes for Tai Chi (Unless Requested by a minimum group of 5 members)
Those interested to join Private Coaching Classes
Contact :
School of Shotokan Karate-Do (S.S.K.) New Delhi, India
Sensei Rajeev Sabharwal (President & Chief Instructor SSK)
Please Note : For any kind of Query or Information kindly contact me directly on my mobile. Email Id is for Staff and Official use only, No Replies to emails relating to queries or information will be entertained.
Mobile : 9811655488
H.Q. Address :  413/3, Mehrauli,
(Residence) New Delhi,
  Pin : 110030
Phone : 011-26645765 (Res.)
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01/01/2012 - SSK's Personal Training is now available at Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. For details please Contact our Instructor Mob. 07639955681.
14/07/2005 - 22/07/2011 - SSK Website is updated and has as new domainname schoolofshotokan the old domain is no longer operational.
CAUTION !!! : Please Beware of Frauds claiming to be a Member of, or Affiliated to, the School of Shotokan Karate-Do