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Sensei Rajeev Sabharwal

Photo of Sensei Rajeev Sabharwal in meditation

Sensei Rajeev Sabharwal (Black Belt, Sandan - SKIF, Japan) has been practicing Karate since 1981 and has also been practicing the healing art of Tai Chi Kung Shibashi (Qigong Shibashi) and Tai Chi Chuan (Wu Style) for the last 16 years.

He has had the opportunity of being trained by some of the best and most proficient exponents of Karate and Tai Chi in South Asia. He was also the student of Sensei T. K. Rajan (Black Belt, Godan) who was instrumental in the introduction and propagation of Karate in India in the late 1970s.

Sensei Rajeev Sabharwal was awarded the coveted Black Belt Shodan in 1987, Nidan in 2001 and Sandan in 2004 all by Kancho Hirokazu Kanazawa (10th Dan, Black Belt) twice World Champion and President of the Shotokan Karate International Federation of Japan.

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