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The Dojos ( Classes / Clubs / Branches ) of the School of Shotokan Karate-Do (New Delhi, India):
Since its inception, the School of Shotokan Karate-Do has been dedicated to imparting the priceless knowledge of authentic Shotokan Karate and Tai Chi Chuan to all those who seek spiritual, mental and physical perfection in their life...

Regular training sessions deal with the effective concepts and techniques of Shotokan Karate with proper demonstrations and elaborate explanations on: Kihon, Kata, Kumite, Goshin and Zen. Since the Shotokan style of Karate is highly refined and scientifically developed it enables the performance of even the most complex techniques with maximum ease, efficiency and perfection. S.S.K. training demands strict discipline, consistent attendance, etiquette, patience and hard work from every karateka. Practicing karate in the S.S.K. can be life-long and can be continued regardless of age.

All S.S.K. Dojo have a safe, friendly and mutually respecting environment. Personalized attention is given to each and every Karateka at all our Dojo. Care is taken to see that all classes are conducted in an uninterrupted and systematic manner.
Dojo Description :
We train in the traditional way, in outdoor dojos (parks, lawns, school grounds etc.) where there is maximum air flow and less congestion. Training this way makes one stronger and more conditioned to face and survive in harsh environments.
Please Note :
School of Shotokan Karate Do (S.S.K.) New Delhi, India, has only the dojos / clubs / branches / classes listed below. Any other Dojo in any other country or state which is not mentioned in the list of dojos given below is not a part of or affiliated to S.S.K. in anyway either directly or indirectly.
New Dojo Request:
Due to numerous requests, SSK is interested in starting new dojos in Central, North, East & West Delhi adjoining to the Metro Line.
Those interested to join these upcomming dojos, may help us to quicken the process, by providing information of safe, trouble free, easy to access, locations (Any good place to practice like, Community halls, parks, etc ) along the metroline where these dojos could be started.
Kindly send all information to If you are lucky you might have a SSK dojo very close to you...
Group Coaching:
Those interested to join group coaching classes may, please visit any of the following S.S.K. dojo closest to you...
S.S.K. Gurgaon Dojo - 1 Instructor Days Timings
Address: Ch. Devilal Park
Sector 22
Haryana, India
Sensei Rajeev Sabharwal (Contact No: 9811655488) Tuesday
6:30 A.M. to 7:30 A.M.
S.S.K. Gurgaon Dojo - 2 Instructor Days Timings
Address: Hughes Systique,
Sector 33, Infocity-II,
Haryana, India
Sensei Rajeev Sabharwal (Contact No: 9811655488) Monday
5:30 P.M. to 6:30 P.M.
S.S.K. Gurgaon Dojo - 3 Instructor Days Timings
Address: Greenwood City,
B-Block Park,
Haryana, India
Sensei Rajeev Sabharwal (Contact No: 9811655488) Monday
4:15 P.M. to 5:15 P.M.
S.S.K. Coimbatore (Personal Training) Instructor Days Timings
Tamil Nadu,
Ramachandran Nair.(Contact No: 07639955681) Any Day

 More S.S.K. Dojos are opening all around Delhi and very soon you may be able to join one close to you ...

PLEASE NOTE: We can start a New SSK Dojo / Class / Branch in your area only if you have a minimum group of 10 students (Monthly Average) and are able to arrange a decent place (with necessary usage permissions, etc.) to start the new dojo.
For Further Information Please Contact :
School of Shotokan Karate-Do (S.S.K.) New Delhi, India
Sensei Rajeev Sabharwal (President & Chief Instructor SSK)
Please Note : For any kind of Query or Information kindly contact me directly on my mobile. Email Id is for Staff and Official use only, No Replies to emails relating to queries or information will be entertained.
Mobile : 9811655488
H.Q. Address :  413/3, Mehrauli,
(Residence) New Delhi,
  Pin : 110030
Phone : 011-26645765 (Res.)
E-mail Address :
01/01/2012 - SSK's Personal Training is now available at Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. For details please Contact our Instructor Mob. 07639955681.
14/07/2005 - 22/07/2011 - SSK Website is updated and has as new domainname schoolofshotokan the old domain is no longer operational.
CAUTION !!! : Please Beware of Frauds claiming to be a Member of, or Affiliated to, the School of Shotokan Karate-Do