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When Meijin Funakoshi came to mainland Japan, he taught 16 katas: 5 Pinan, 3 Naihanchi, Kushanku Dai, Kushanku Sho, Seisan, Patsai, Wanshu, Chinte, Jitte and Jion. He kept his students on the basic ones before they progressed to the more advanced forms. He actually taught at least 40 katas, these were later included in the limited but monumental work by Shigeru Egami "Karate-do for the Specialist".

Funakoshi sincerely believed it would take a lifetime to master a handful of katas and that sixteen would be enough. Funakoshi insisted on Hito-Kata Sanen (three years on one kata). He chose the katas which were best suited for physical stress and self-defense. History and Master Funakoshi's great ability as a teacher and Karate technician have proved his philosophy that kata practice was more than sufficient in times of need. He believed that karate was an art rather than a sport. To him, kata was karate.

Modern day Shotokan Karate consists of 26 Katas. Each kata is unique and has its own importance and values, that yield numerous benefits to the karateka who practice them with true spirit.

26 Katas of Shotokan Karate-Do

Heian Shodan Watch Kata Video...
Heian Nidan Watch Kata Video...
Heian Sandan Watch Kata Video...
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Bassai Dai  
Kanku Dai  
Gojushiho Dai  
Tekki Nidan  
Tekki Sandan  
Bassai Sho  
Kanku Sho  
Gojushiho Sho  
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